Trisky's Quest


An addictive platformer that offers a
great gameplay experience. With several levels
of difficulty, Trisky's Quest offers players of
all skill levels a challenging and enjoyable
gaming experience !




A magical force entraps an entire civilization and whisks
them away to a far away land.
Only one creature survived this catastrophe:

 Now, it is up to Trisky to find and free his people. He must travel across strange worlds and fight a variety of strange and interesting creatures to help his people escape !


    Over 40 Levels of Family Fun
    4 Expansive Worlds
    10 Visually stunning environments
    12 Cool power-ups
    6 Permanent ability upgrades
    3 levels of difficulty
    Challenging Bosses
    Totally Addictive Gameplay
    Hours of game playing enjoyment
    In-depth tutorial for those new to platformers.
    Game Center Leaderboards

Classic Platforming Experience !!!


Tons of powerups !!!

Incredible Physics and gameplay !!!

Tired of all the clunky platformers available for the iPhone?  Wishing for the days where fluid controls and smooth animations trumped fancy graphics and constant nags for in-app purchases?  Well, your prayers have been answered!

Over 10 totally unique powerups can be earned simply by playing the special in-app purchases required!  Just like the golden days of arcade games... play and collect coins, gems and extra lives and then use them to trade-in for powerups to help you get even further!

Developed and programmed with an eye for playability.  Comprised of well over 100,000 lines of code! With realistic physics and that true "platformer feel" that you love! 

So try it today for FREE and re-live the glory days of platformer gaming!

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Download Trisky's Quest!
Download Trisky's Quest!